Elena Martém

Elena Martém was born in Moscow. She settled near the foot of the Söderåsen hills in Skåne in southern Sweden. After completing a higher education in the field of Fine Arts, Architecture and Art Education she worked as painter for the Department of Commerce and Industry, as painter-architect for the movie studio “Mosfilm”.
“My paintings are created as symbiosis of my multifaceted internal feelings, impressions and ideas concerning Space and Reincarnation.My main task is to create paintings which are full of feelings about all topics and soul moods, to demonstrate power, happiness and harmony for all people in various environments.
I use different materials and techniques in order to create, through my paintings the desired feelings and experiences. In my projects I want to involve the spectator as a participant who also experiences the feelings I hope to convey ”
Personal-, competitive- and collective exhibitions:
Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Spain and Sweden

Represented in the following private collections:
USA, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Pakistan.

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