Lars Christian Kraemmer

Born in Vancouver, B.V., Canada, 1966. Raised in Denmark
Graduated from Emily Carr University of Art & Design, 1994 (
Member of the Danish Artist Union: BKF (
Member of The Adventures Club of Denmark (
Represented through:
- Art re. FLEX Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
- Galleri, Trepkasgade 5, Copenhagen:
- Atelier Print – online purchase of original prints:
- – online purchase of original art
Copenhagen University, Japanese, 2002
Copenhagen University, Theology, Philosophy + Swahili, 1997-98
Vancouver, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, 1991-94
Aarhus/Denmark, Technical School, Building Technician, 1988-91
Aarhus/Denmark, Open University, History of Architecture, 1987-88
Aarhus/Denmark, Reklameskolen (school of advertisement drawing), 1986-87
Hjørring/Denmark, High School, 1983-85
- “Talking Painting”, IRCT, General Assembly & Scientific Symposium, Mexico City, 2016
- “Readings”, LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen, 2012
- “Metropol”, dance & impro painting performance with Kendra Lou, Copenhagen, 2011
- “Luna Lab”, dance & impro drawing performance with Isabell Ullmann, Copenhagen, 2011
- “Church of Art – two”, blind preach, Posthusteatret, Copenhagen, 2011
- “Church of Art – one”, in memory of the poet Asger Stig Mølle, Gallery Kraemmer, Frederiksberg, 2010
- “Path of Events”, a 7-year journey, documented by Jesper Jargil Film, 2001-08
- “City of Words”, 12 writers and poets exchanging expressions, The BOSH house, Copenhagen, 2003
- “Love in Question”, 21 interviews, written-painted-filmed-taped, Gallery Mellemvaerk, Copenhagen, 2000
- “Redirecting World Economy”, a Wall Street Performance – 7 seconds naked in rush hour, NYC, 2000
- “Free Style Action Painting”, Gallery Gunst, Copenhagen, 1999
- “Paint the Music”, With Soren Raagaard (painter partner) & Stewardes Airlines (live band – music composed the occasion), Copenhagen Art Club, Copenhagen, 1999
- “Food Fair”, Group performance over one the course of a week, The Culture Fabric, Copenhagen, 1997
- “Silent Song”, 7 days of silence with wordless poems, The boat house, Peblinge lake, Copenhagen, 1997
- “Dance Paintings”, action painting with African drums, Bujora, Tanzania, 1996
- “Paint the Essence”, On tour in Denmark, action painting to lectures by philosopher Carsten Graff, 1996
- “Luxus Fluxus”, Silent music in company with poets Lennox Raphael and Janus Kodal, part of the exhibition: “Gyrr” at “Den Frie”, Copenhagen, 1995
- “Retreat”, 7 weeks in total darkness (in a 5×6 ft. box), Vancouver, B.C., 1993-94
- “Art Munks”, 7 month in black robe with visual artist, Wiktor Sandowicz, Vancouver, B.C., 1994

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